‘One of Everything’ Box

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Wild & Precious Special Box of Everything

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More than anything else we would love some extra feedback on our products and so during the Pre-Pre-Launch period (basically before we have told anyone other than pals and pals’ pals about Wild & Precious) we have come up with a very, very special offer. An offer that is only available to new Friends who have not yet tried any of our products. It works like this:

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  • Order our ‘One of Everything’ Box, which contains, no surprises here, one of everything in our range, and SAVE just over 50% on the regular price!

We’ll be sending you, by the by, full size products and not those measly sample sizes so beloved of skincare manufacturers. Moreover, everything will be nicely wrapped in our lovely little muslin bags so if there is something you aren’t interested in you can always pass it on as a gift to someone else. 

The Wild & Precious Special ‘One of Everything’ Box costs just €99 which is better than half price.

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Each Wild & Precious Special ‘One of Everything’ Box contains:

Product Regular Price
Facial Oil 01 (30ml)
Facial Oil 02 (30ml)
Moisturiser 01 (300ml)
Shampoo/Skinwash 01 (300ml)
Conditioner 01 (300ml)
Shaving Gel 01 (100ml)
Deodorant 01 (50ml)
Deodorant 02 (50ml)
Lipbalm 01 (4.5ml)
Toothpowder 01 (50ml)
Rosewater 01 (100ml)
Virgin Coconut Oil (280g)
Soapnuts (1kg)
Bamboo Toothbrush
Total regular price
Special Pre-Pre-Launch Price

To take advantage of the Wild & Precious Special ‘One of Everything’ Box offer (what a mouthful) we do ask that you sign up as a Friend. There is a limit of one box per Friend/address.