Wild & Precious in a (wild harvested) nutshell

We take ethically sourced, completely natural ingredients (primarily herbs, oils, waxes and butters) and blend them, by hand, to make simple, unadulterated, skincare and toiletry products. We also offer natural laundry products.

Our workshop is in West Cork, Ireland (rainy). Our formulations have, for the most part, been created by local herbalists. We run the rest of our business from the Mediterranean island of Malta (sunny).

All our active ingredients are certified organic or wild harvested. Wild & Precious is, itself, certified organic by the Irish Organic Association (IOA). The best skincare and toiletry products contain as few ingredients as possible. It is what we leave out as much as what we put in, that makes Wild & Precious so special.

There is nothing complicated about what we do. You could be making versions of the same superb products quickly and inexpensively at home. We are more than happy to supply advice and recipes free of charge. There is no need to ever become a customer.

Wild & Precious Shaving Gel Deodorant ConditionerWild & Precious Virgin Coconut Oil

Our plant-based ingredients are sustainably sourced. We employ environmentally friendly packaging, even if it does not display our products to best advantage. We strive to minimise the environmental damage we do.

We do not make misleading claims about our products. We always provide an explanation as to why each ingredient has been included.

We donate 1% of sales to Room to Read (a literacy charity with a special focus on teaching girls) and never turn away any charity that approaches us.

Wild & Precious is against all animal testing (and quite a lot of other things!). All our products are suitable for vegetarians.

We believe that certified organic, handmade skincare, toiletry and laundry products ought to be affordable. We want to know who are customers are, which is why we only sell direct. We don’t spend money on advertising or marketing, we don’t pay commission to anyone and we don’t offer wholesale discounts. We pass these savings on to our customers.

We started Wild & Precious because we were worried about the manmade, synthetic chemicals in skincare, toiletry and household products and because we were fed up with manufacturers who, knowingly, damage both their customers’ health and the environment.