Toothpowder 01

Healthy, natural and cleansing. Handmade using Bicarbonate of Soda, Kaolin and certified organic Spearmint.

All about Toothpowder 01

The bad news. We each use about 20 gallons of toothpaste during our lives and we should be worried about our exposure to the toxic ingredients that it contains, according to a 2016 report by the Cornucopia Institute, a non-profit organisation that studies ecological best practice. Chemicals in toothpaste are readily absorbed through the membrane that lines the mouth (oral mucosa), meaning that, regardless of whether you swallow toothpaste or not, you are exposing yourself to some level of absorption. Children, who often do swallow toothpaste, are even more at risk. The good news? Wild & Precious Toothpowder 01 is a highly effective way to remove plaque from your teeth and contains no toxic ingredients!

How to use Toothpowder 01

Wet your toothbrush and apply a light coating of toothpowder to the bristles. Clean teeth in the normal way. Rinse. Repeat as necessary. The experience is a little different as Toothpowder 01 contains no sugar, no colouring, no flavouring, no foaming agents &c.. But, be assured, it is the perfect way to clean your teeth and to help you achieve optimum oral health.

Of special note

One of the ingredients in Toothpowder 01 is xylitol – not because it has a sweet taste (which it does) - but because it helps to kill harmful bacteria in your mouth and has other dental benefits including increasing absorption of calcium and reducing saliva acidity.

Our not-very-secret formula

Official Name Plain English Name %
Sodium bicarbonate Bicarbonate of Soda 50%
Kaolin Kaolin Clay Powder 30%
Xylitol Xylitol Powder 19.6%
Mentha spicata* Spearmint 0.4%


About the ingredients

Bicarbonate of Soda

We use Sodium Bicarbonate (aka baking soda) in Toothpowder 01 for several reasons. First, it has a pH of 8.3 and so gently nudges the environment of the mouth to a healthier place. Second, it is naturally antimicrobial and thus an effective support tool to reduce periodontal pathogens. Third, it has great cleaning qualities and is only very mildly abrasive. On the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness it rates a 2.5, whereas tooth enamel is a 5.

Kaolin Clay Powder

Kaolin clay powder is comprised predominantly of the mineral kaolinite, a hydrated aluminum silicate which has drying, anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities. It is also a safe, effective cleaning and polishing agent.

Xylitol Powder

Xylitol powder comes from certain plants such as corn or birch trees and it is jolly good news for your teeth. The main ‘bad bug’ implicated with tooth decay is called Streptococcus mutans or Strep. mutans for short. In the mouth, xylitol is consumed along with fermentable carbohydrates like sugar by Strep. mutans. However, because xylitol is a polyol (sugar alcohol), it doesn’t ferment the same way as most sugars. As such, xylitol doesn’t contribute to the proliferation of Strep. mutans. In fact, when xylitol is used over time less virulent strains of Strep. mutans are selected which means that the bad bugs are gradually getting weaker. The second way xylitol helps us address tooth decay is due to the fact that in the presence of xylitol, the dental plaque formed from the bad bugs implicated in tooth decay becomes less adhesive. Some studies show up to a 50% reduction in plaque accumulation from using xylitol in the mouth. Adhesion is a big deal when we’re talking about tooth decay. So, the fact that xylitol helps make plaque less adhesive is in itself a real benefit. Xylitol also supports a healthier pH balance in the mouth. And it supports remineralisation of tooth tissue. So, all in all, great news. Plus, it tastes nice!


The mint family has long been used to cool inflammation. In addition, scientific literature shows that both peppermint and spearmint are very effective in reducing certain oral pathogens, particularly those related to gum disease.

How we make our Toothpowder 01

We take the ingredients – all of which come in powder form apart from the spearmint oil, which is, obviously, an oil – and we blend them by hand and then very, very carefully pour them into the little bottle in which we supply the product.

Safety Information

Wild & Precious Toothpowder 01 is extremely safe to use. All the ingredients are edible, so if you consume a small quantity it shouldn’t cause any adverse reaction! We would not advise putting it into your eyes, but if a little bit gets squirted in by mistake, again it should not cause any problems - just bathe the afflicted area in cold water. The only real warning we have is that one of the ingredients, xylitol, is not good for dogs. In fact, when dogs eat xylitol, their bodies mistakenly think that they’ve ingested glucose and start producing large amounts of insulin. Our toothpowder should never be used to clean a dog’s teeth.