Deodorant 02

Natural, fresh and drying. Handmade using Aloe Vera, Rose Geranium and Neroli essential oils. Roll-on container.

All about Underarm Deodorant 02

In our quest to come up with a deodorant for those that like to roll rather than stick, we are pleased to announce Wild & Precious Deodorant 02. Its key feature is this: it will ensure that the area under your arm pits is beautifully fragrant, without the use of any horrible, harmful, manmade chemicals.

How to use Underarm Deodorant 02

Before application wash under your arms with soap (a quick plug here for our wonderful Shampoo/Skin Wash 01, which is made from wild harvested soapwort roots), then take off the lid and apply Deodorant 02.

Of special note

You would think that creating a natural underarm deodorant would be pretty simple, but it is actually quite complicated. There aren’t that many ingredients capable of doing the job, which don’t also pose a health risk. Plus, whether a deodorant (natural or otherwise) works, will be greatly influenced by individual body chemistry (this, in turn, is influenced by age, gender, hormone fluctuations, diet, health and a dozen other factors). Wild & Precious Deodorant 02 is our second answer to the problem. We have found that it works for the majority of users. If, however, it doesn’t work for you then you may like to try Wild & Precious Deodorant 01 (which is a stick rather than a roll-on) or you can always ask for a full refund (see our guarantee) if you let us know within 60 days of receipt. You could also try using our Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (which, interestingly, doesn’t leave you smelling of coconut) and some customers swear by our Rose Water 01. You’ll find more recipes and solutions in our DIY guide.

Our not-very-secret formula

Official Name Plain English Name %
Aqua Distilled Water 89.65%
Glycerin Glycerin Oil 3%
Triethyl Citrate Dermofeel TEC Eco – a plant based active antimicrobial 3%
Lysolecithin & Sclerotium gum & Xanthan gum & Pullulan Ecogel – a natural thickener and emulsifier that leaves the skin silky smooth - made from plant gums 2%
Dehydroacetic Acid & Benzyl Alcohol & Aqua Geogard 221 – a natural preservative 1%
Levulinic acid, Sodium levulinate, Glycerin, Aqua
Dermosoft 700B – plant derived bactericidal protection 0.75%

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder

Aloe Vera 0.5%
Pelargonium graveolens* Rose Geranium Essential Oil 0.05%
Citrus aurantium* Neroli 5% Essential Oil 0.05%

*Allergens naturally occurring in essential oils: Citronellol, Farnesol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool

About the ingredients

Glycerin Oil

Glycerin Oil is a humectant, meaning that it helps retain, or reduce the loss of, moisture. What’s special about glycerin, though, compared to some other humectants, is that it is an endogenous humectant, meaning we have it naturally in our skin. Also, it is mild and so more suitable for those with allergies.

Dermofeel TEC Eco

This is an organic certified blend of plant derived acids with antimicrobial properties. Used in deodorant formulations, it inhibits esterase based metabolism of sweat components, which basically make you smelly. BUT it does not affect natural skin flora.

Geogard 221

Geogard 221 is a preservative, which is made from dehydroacetic acid (DHA) and benzyl alcohol (a ‘good’ alcohol). It meets the ECOCERT and COSMOS standards, is NaTrue certified and Soil Association approved, in addition to not being tested on animals.


Ecogel is a natural thickener and emulsifier creating a light cream that leaves the skin silky smooth. It is made from natural ingredients (lysophospholipids, xanthan gum, sclerotium gum and pullulan) that have all been produced sustainably.

Dermosoft 700B

Derived from sugar cane, this mild and skin friendly organic formulation provides excellent bactericidal protection.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has soothing and antioxidant properties, and serves as a hydrating agent for skin due to its polysaccharide and sterol content. It has been proven to refresh the skin and does not block skin pores. Other studies have shown the gel to have anti-inflammatory properties and to boost the healing process.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Rose Geranium Essential Oil is a delightfully aromatic oil that is prized for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Neroli 5% Essential Oil

Neroli 5% Essential Oil (cold pressed from orange blossom) is an aromatic oil with therapeutic properties that come from its many beneficial components.

How we make our Underarm Deodorant 02

At the moment we are making Underarm Deodorant 02 completely by hand. It isn’t complicated but it does involve a great deal of stirring and – when you are in the middle of the stirring – also sighing and yearning (yearning for a cup of tea, yearning to sit down, yearning for a formula that didn’t involve quite so much physical activity). On the plus side making it is like a mini-workout. 

Safety Information

Nowadays, manufacturers have become so frightened of litigation that their products come with dire warnings and super cautious advice. We won’t be left out of this! If you swallow this product contact a poison centre or doctor, immediately. Ditto if you get it into your eye. However, just so you know, the ingredients are – in the quantities present – pretty unlikely to cause any health issues.