The soapwort is in!

After months waiting for a shipment of wild harvested soapwort to be released by Albanian Customs (don’t ask!) it has finally arrived at the workshop and we are celebrating by starting production on a new batch of our Shampoo/Skin Wash 01. The use of Saponaria Officinalis (soapwort) as a natural surfactant (soap) has a long history. It has also been used to treat itchy skin and other skin conditions, such as poison ivy, acne, psoriasis, eczema and even boils. It has natural antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. The flowers, by the way, are a delicate pink and have a gentle perfume, which attracts moths, butterflies and bees. It is easy to grow, but can spread quickly so think carefully about where you plant it. We have found that the best soapwort comes from Albania, where our agent wild harvests it for us.  

The word ‘natural’ gets bandied about a great deal but in the case of our Shampoo/Skin Wash 01 its use is wholly appropriate. This is artisan production at its finest. Today we will be washing the soapwort roots in plain water, drying and then boiling them. Tomorrow the resulting extraction will be filtered carefully to remove (not to blind you with science or anything) the lumpy bits, before we add various other herbs, oils &c.. Sounds lovely? Well it is! Our Shampoo/Skin Wash 01 is a very pleasant, mild, liquid soap that leaves hair clean, shining and manageable and skin soft and silky smooth. It is not, incidentally, sudsy.