Say ‘No’ to toothpaste
Cornucopia Institute, a non-profit organisation that studies ecological best practice, we should all be worried about our exposure to the toxic ingredients that it contains. All the more so as we each use about 20 gallons of toothpaste during our lives. Worse again, the harmful chemicals in toothpaste are readily absorbed through the membrane that lines the mouth (oral mucosa), meaning that, regardless of whether you swallow it or not, you are exposing yourself to some level of absorption. Children, who often do swallow toothpaste, are even more at risk.

Happily, there are many better and more natural ways to clean your teeth. One of the best, and we admit we are a bit biased, is to use Wild & Precious Toothpowder 01. It has three real benefits. First, it is a gentle but effective way to remove the plaque and harmful bacteria from your mouth. Second, it contains no harmful or toxic ingredients. Third, it will leave your teeth white and your mouth feeling fresh.