Our rose harvest is in full swing

The annual rose harvest has just begun in Bulgaria, which is where we source our certified organic Rose Water 01. One of the most sensuous experiences in the world is to visit the Valley of Roses, situated between the Balkan and Sredna Gora Mountains at this time of year. As far as the eye can see (which isn’t very far when all the flowers are in full bloom) there are sweet smelling rose bushes with their rich pink petals and dark, shiny green leaves. The flowers are picked by hand in the early morning (when the oil content is the highest) and the distilling process takes place the same day to ensure the optimum yield. The family we source from has been carrying on this tradition since 1909 and is located in the village of Pavel Banya. Our Rose Water 01 can be used as a facial toner, as an after-sun body spray and as a cleanser. It may also help to calm acne and rosacea. It is completely natural and beautifully fragrant. The reason why it is so good for your skin lies in its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities.