A big threat to small farmers

One of the biggest threats to small-scale, sustainable growers – the sort of growers we choose to buy our ingredients from – is companies such as Monsanto, infamous for, amongst other things, genetically modified crops, herbicide glyphosate (sold under the brand name RoundUp) and terminator seeds (which produce plants with sterile seeds, forcing often impoverished farmers to buy new seeds every year). You may recall that a few months ago Monsanto was ordered to pay $289m to a man dying of cancer, which he claims was caused by exposure to its herbicides. If you are interested in learning more about Monsanto we can recommend a body of work produced by the Franco-Venezuelan photographer Mathieu Asselins ( https://www.mathieuasselin.com ), who spent five years researching the company. His book Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation has won several prestigious awards and a selection of the images are currently on show at the Breda Photofestival ( https://www.bredaphoto.nl/?lang=en ).